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Ahead of the Grief UK
This is a website devoted to generating awareness among parents, professionals, and young people in the United Kingdom about the dangers of an activity known as the 'fainting game' or 'choking game'.

The fainting game is a misunderstood activity which causes death and suffering for thousands of families worldwide. It often begins with high-achieving teenagers literally strangling each other as a way to achieve a 'high' without the risk of getting caught with drugs or alcohol. It ends with many young people suffering permanent brain damage or death each year.

Created by a Mother with loss, 'Ahead of the Grief UK' is an independent campaigning facility with the following aims:

To alert parents of the tragic potential of this activity
To inform educators, health professionals, police, legal professionals of the covert nature of this habit
To warn young people of the consequences
To brief the British media and nurture their support
To campaign for a review of relevant Coroners' judgements over the past 15 years
Finally, to provide support to the grieving families of young victims.

If you wish to learn more please follow the links on this homepage.

Remember - we must speak for the dead to protect the living.




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