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anne phillips choking game fainting game

by Anne Phillips, MSW

As a writer and Social Worker, Anne was commissioned by a local newspaper in Jarvis, Ontario, to compile the following editorials during 1995. The columns were well-received by the community.

Stages of Grief
Shock and Denial
Role of Support Person
Early Response to Friends in Grief
Reliving Precious Memories
Crying as a Response to Grief
The Second Stage of Grief
Bereavement Groups
Help Through Reading and Writing
Yearning and Preoccupation
Factors Affecting our Grief Response
Uniqueness of Relationship
Recognizing Secondary Losses
Putting on our Comfort Coats
Planning for Christmas
Invitations and Social Gatherings
Coping and Healing through Symbolism
Factors of Multiple and Prior Loss
Age and Life Fulfilment Factors of Loss
Physiological Concerns
Staying Healthy and Venting Anger
Reactive Depression
The Burden of Guilt
What about Guilt?
Reaction vs. Response
Grief Attacks
Acceptance, the Final Stage
Spirituality and Religion
Philosophy of Life
Parting with Possessions
Children in Mourning
When Baby Loses Mom
A 3-5 Years Old's Grief
Answering a Child's Questions
Emotional Benefits of the Funeral
Reactions of Older Children
Helping Children in Grief
When a Child Dies
What Matter is Age?  
Parenting the Remaining Children
The Parents' Relationship
Gender Differences in Grief Work
On New Paths...
...and Down the Other Side                 
A Fond Farewell