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anne phillips choking game fainting game

Glastonbury Tor is a place of pilgrimage on the Somerset Levels close to my home in England.

There are many myths and legends associated with the Tor - it is the home of Gwyn ap Nudd, the Lord of the Underworld and King of the Fairies, and a place where the fairy folk live.

In early-medieval times there was a small monks' retreat on top of the Tor, founded probably in the time of St Patrick in the mid-400s. This was followed in the early 1100s by a chapel, St Michael de Torre. This was destroyed in a powerful earthquake in 1275 and rebuilt in the early 1300s. The tower is all that remains today.

I scattered Mike's ashes here. St Michael's Tower is at the summit.

anne phillips choking game fainting game

I visit the Tor on each anniversary.

anne phillipd choking game fainting game

Mike's Monk

I made Mike's 'Monk' for his 5th Christmas. Now the Monk wears Mike's Cub shirt. I take him on my travels and to bed.

The Monk - my buddy - is soft and cuddly and a great comfort.

anne phillips choking game fainting game

Above, a picnic on the Tor. Below, Monk with his family Kim and little Minx.

anne phillips choking game fainting game